Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Crib

Living in a one bedroom apartment, I didn't think we'd actually bother getting a crib. It's just another piece of big furniture we'll only end up moving once, possibly twice before the blueberry actually gets here. (We've taken to calling the future baby a blueberry, since that's about how big it is now). We lucked out on a floor model that has never been used. No scratches and all parts are included. It's cherry and pretty simple, but it seems sturdy.

The crib makes me really happy and makes it even more real that this is happening. Its not that I wasn't excited before. I've just been a little disappointed with the reality that we may not be home by the time it arrives. I wanted to create a cozy little nursery, but that's silly when you live in an apartment. So even if we don't have the Martha Stewart nursery, at least the blueberry will have some space to his or herself.

Everyone says it's a girl, including an ancient chinese astrological chart--but the magic 8 ball and Rich disagreee, so we'll just have to wait to see. StumbleUpon