Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Savannah Weather Report: When it Rains it Pours

Savannah has some of the strangest weather I've ever seen. It can cloud up quickly, the sky can turn black. You'll here thunder and see lightening. Yet, miraculously you won't get a drop of rain in your part of town. However, no more than 10 minutes away, it will have poured and taken out power lines. Several times Rich or I have experience storms at our work, while the other hasn't, or it's rained at the apartment, but not at work. It makes travel planning semi-complicated.

Anyway, that's the way things had been going for us lately. We seemed to be dodging tons of bad weather. However, it finally struck all at once yesterday. The day began in the early hours of the morning, when I woke with the worst headache ever. We were out of Tylenol, so I tried to tough it out. By 8:00 am I had hardly slept and could take no more. I ran to the nearest store and on the way home, decided to have some "morning sickness" while driving. Thank goodness for the grocery bag I'd just received with purchase. The car was unscathed but I could not say the same for my clothes.

The next adventure centered on Rich and involved a trip to the urgent care and emergency room. He'll survive and will make a full recovery, but this knocked out a about five hours of our afternoon/evening. Nothing super serious, but definitely something worth looking into, especially since my mind raced with multiple worse case scenarios that could have been bad for baby.

To complete our perfectly lovely day, my car battery died while we were at the urgent care. Upon escaping the Emergency Room, we had just enough sun light for Rich to jump the battery. It got us home, but it was a scary drive. Doug did not like getting up to speed on the express way and stuttered several times--I kept praying just to make it home. This morning, despite a jump, Doug was completely non-revivable. For Rich's day off he's handling this one, as I'm too jittery and sleep deprived to be much help.

Between Rich and I, we have doctor's appointments for the next two days. Hopefully the car will be fixed soon and the sun will come back out. That's the nice thing about storms in Savannah, they never last that long.

In other weather related news, weather during the holiday weekend was really pleasant for a change. The average high temperature was well below its customary 98 degrees. There was actually a breeze, resulting in low humidity. Roz and I walked to the neighborhood park/fishing pier twice. I even turned off the AC, opened the windows and aired out the apartment. It was so nice to be able to spend time outside. StumbleUpon