Friday, February 18, 2011

Giving Credit: Bright Starts

Thank you Bright Starts for making my day. Peanut had recieved a Lion in the Park gym by Bright Starts for an early Christmas gift from his grandma. He loved it. He could stay under there perfectly content for long (30 minutes) stretches of time--which seems pretty impressive when not that many other toys can hold his attention for more than a few minutes.
I'll admit initial hesitation to purchasing these gyms. All my mom friends said their kid never used it, never liked it, and they became just an expensive cat toy/ laundry collection site. Not so for Peanut. He loves it. He especially loves the lady bug in the center which plays a variety of catchy tunes reminicent of ring tones.
That is, he loved the lady bug until a few weeks after use, the lady bug stopped playing. Well, not completely stopped. She'd play 5 measures in, then stop. Then it was only two measures, then just a few notes. With no option for changing the battery, I thought the lady bug was sunk. Peanut was disheartened and his mother was less than happy.
I wrote the company a sternly worded e-mail. With only a follow-up email and no additional harasmment necissary on my part, they really did the right thing to keep me happy consumer--they mailed us a no cost replacement lady bug. It made peanut so happy, which really made my day too. Thanks Bright Starts! StumbleUpon