Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wahl Massage Review and Mom Relief Intiative Contest

Keeping up with little man is hard work.  When I put peanut down a night, I sigh a little relief. Unfortunately, it is only then that I remember the twenty other things I've put off during the day that I need to get done now that he's sleeping.  The dishes, the lawn, the laundry... it never ends.
I am really looking forward to mother's day this year.  I've been promised a relaxing chore free day.

Since not everyday can have the Mother's Day perks, I have never been happier to be offered such an awesome product to review! A few weeks ago, we received a Wahl Deep Tissue Massager.  After an extra long day of lifting little man from trouble and toting laundry baskets, its so wonderful to just take a few moments to relax my back muscles.  My husband also gives this product his vote of confidence.  He's always had a notoriously bad back, which driving his 90 minute one way commute in a compact car only exacerbates.  He's marveled that we've never tried such a product before--where has this Deep Tissue Massager been our whole lives.
The massage is percussive. I love that the speed is fully adjustable, up to an amazing 3350 pulses per minute! The speed adjust with a dial--not just a 3 speed setting, so you can find just the right massage for you.
There are four different interchangeable attachments to get the custom massage you want.   I think my favorite is the rounded deep muscle attachment, which does great for an all around massage.  There's also an accupoint attachment, so you can concentrate on those trouble spots.  The four fingered attachment is meant to simulate the human touch of a conventional massage. The raised bumps attachment is also great all for an all over massage. The attachments screw on and are very easy to change.
I love how customizable this product is.  I love that it is perfect for both men and women. But most of all, I love how relaxing just a few minutes can be.  So even if every day isn't Mother's day, I can still take just a few moments to let go of all the daily stress.

Do you know a mom, grandma, wife or daughter who deserves to win fabulous Wahl Home Products for Mother's Day? Wahl Home is giving away 50 therapeutic massagers to 50 well deserving moms through their Mom Relief Initiative.

To enter, you must first like Wahl Home on Facebook.
Next post a comment on why the mom on your list could use some much needed relief. Entries will be judged based on their uniqueness and sincerity.
The contest runs from through May 13.

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