Monday, March 7, 2011

Not so little "Little Man"

Weighing in at an impressive 16 pounds 11 and a half ounces and measuring 28 and 1/4  inches--my little man is officially not so little anymore. He isn't this super light little bundle anymore, but rather stretches across my lap. He's eating much more and has started fruits.
Peanut's also a lot more mobile.  He can roll in either direction at will--though cries when he lands on his tummy and is too tired to flip back to his back.  Not yet crawling and not really showing to much inclination to do so, he is a master scooter.  He army crawls and kicks off with his legs.  In a span of a few minutes he went from under his baby gym to the side wall of the room.
 I think he's pretty amazing, but I'm pretty partial.  It is sometimes frustrating how often he is compared to his cousins.  One is two weeks and one is six months older. When speaking with other mom's and all of their bragging, it seems like a contest of one upping.  I know we're all proud of our babies, but there is a tactful way and some not so tactful ways. It sometimes feel like there is a competition about who's kid has the most teeth, weighs the most, has the largest head circumference... I love my peanut for who he is, period.  He's special for who he is, without comparing him to any other babies out there. StumbleUpon