Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My little comedian

Last night, despite overshooting bedtime by at least an hour, peanut wasn't too convince it was bed time. Needless to say parents weren't in complete agreement with his decision.  It took a long bit of rocking and shushing to change his mind. After listening to his wailing calm to moans, after calmly explaining that he was tired, after going through the litany of whispered what he had done today and what he could do tomorrow when he awoke, I thought we finally had a winner. Peanut was drifting, drifting off to sleep. His eyes had closed and he seemed relaxed. 
Then my little comedian drowsily pulled out his pacifier as I whispered "What do you want to tell mama?"  With perfect comedic timing, peanut let out a loud  raspberry. His eyes then popped open, and we were back to our bed time struggles anew.  At least we got a good laugh about it. StumbleUpon