Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Flightless Goose

Peanut and I are participating in the reading program through our local library this summer.  While peanut is more interested in flipping the pages than hearing the story per se, I'm always looking for great new stories that can have a positive impact on his charecter.

The Flightless Goose, by Eric Goodman and illustrated by Natalyia Goodman is just such a book.  We were provided a copy of this book in exchange for our review.  We were given the incredible opportunity to participate in the publishers promotional book tour, and today we're hosting a stop.

Gilbert is the main goose of the story.  He begins the story as any other goose, who loves to run and play, swim and fly.  Then one aweful day, tragedy strikes and he is hit by a car.  Though he survives, he can no longer fly. Slowly his friends turn from him and are cruel.  Worst of all, the other geese fly south, leaving Gilbert cold and lonely at the pond.  Yet Gilbert learns to fly and run fast.  When two evil men attempt to poach the geese upon their spring return, Gilbert escapes unnoticed.  Gilbert approaches his human friend Johnny.  They take a stand against these bullies and causes a scene to inform the authorities.  The flock is released and Gilbert, the flightless goose becomes a welcomed hero and asset to his flock.

I love message of overcoming disabilities and accepting differences.  I appreciate that Johnny is also a kid who lives with a disability and also has a role in becoming the hero of the day.  The illustrations are carefully constructed watercolors that beautifully enhance the story. The anti-bullying message is also important for juvenile audiences.  Mostly, I love that Goodman has taken the age old, "don't judge a book by it's cover" lesson we all learned from the ugly duckling and given it a fresh spin, making it a modern, palatable age-apppriate moral story without sounding overly preachy to a young audience.

If you'd love to add The Flightless Goose by Eric D. Goodman and illustrated by Nataliya A. Goodman published by Writers' Lair Books to your summer reading list, you can order it via your favorite local bookstore, or through the books website. The suggested hard cover price is $15.95.

For more fun, have your kids check out this books sponsored interactive website for your young reader.
I received a copy of this book in order to read it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own, and not that of the author or publisher. I received no further compensation. StumbleUpon