Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where have we been?

Where have we been?  "Where haven't we been?" is more like it.  And writing updates to this blog is one place to start with where we haven't been.
Since school has been out, we certainly have been keeping busy.  All those household tasks you mean to get to next weekend, like cleaning the basement, organizing storage, putting the winter sweaters away, finally start disappearing from the to do list.
Thanks to Glidden, we now have a cool cobalt downstairs hallway, that in it's own way reminds me of a smurf massacre.  We'll next be transforming the kitchen into a pale green.
We were in Cadillac visiting my husband's family.  We redecorated his childhood room and made it a welcoming guest room for just under $200.  The renovation involved removing wallpaper that was probably older than he is, only to discover an even older and more hideous layer of paper underneath.  We painted, built a new upholstered headboard, converted a twin bed into a "day bed" with a couchy feel, sewed new cream curtains and scrounged the house for some fitting accessories. Rich also help put up a new privacy fence.  We'll be heading back soon to spearhead a kitchen cleaning and restoration.
We've also been to see two baseball games--one MLB and the other was the local AAA team.  Both had fireworks that followed that we didn't wait arround for.  Both sold concessions and souvenirs that were overpriced and could be passed on.
For the 4th, we had family gatherings.  Our dog Roz was petrified by the noise and has been hiding in the basement for at least the past three evenings.  Our neighbors are idiots and were firing roman candles at each other in some sort of "tag" game.  How dumb can you be?  Peanut couldn't sleep with all the commotion, so we walked to the corner where we had a great view of the downtown fireworks, without the crowds or traffic.
In the coming weeks, my mother and father both have different surgeries slated, so we'll be staying close to home.--This is good since the budget can only handle so many adventures. StumbleUpon