Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get out and Play!

Yesterday was filled with beautiful weather.  It was just perfect.  The sun was shining; it was neither too hot or too cold.  It was the sort of day that doesn’t come along often in the Midwest, and we know that they will soon be fewer and further between.  After diner, my husband and I knew we had to take advantage of the day.

We packed peanut up and we headed to the local park.  Peanut loves the playground.  He laughs the whole time we are there.  He’s also home all day with Rich, so he loves getting out and seeing other kids.  He doesn’t talk much yet, so I’m sure his screeching yell greetings are a bit scary to shyer kids, but peanut doesn’t know any better and has a blast.  He enjoys the swings, and crawling around on the equipment, but mostly he loves the slides.  Rich would place him at the top and get him to lean back, since we were afraid he might fall forward sitting up—he only one after all.  At first peanut resisted because he wanted to see what was going on.  By the end of our adventure, peanut was leaning back and lying down before Rich even had him seated.

Getting out is important to all of us.  I feel so much better having gotten out of the house.  I know peanut sleeps better with the exercise and the socializing is so good for his development.  My husband and I got a work out too lifting him up to the slide repeatedly.   I think it is also important that peanut grow up seeing his parents having fun playing outside too, so he can grow up active and healthy.
With all of these benefits, and an increase in the national obesity level, Clorox 2 is taking a stand. They are asking parents to pledge to get their children out doors to play.  September 24th is Worldwide Day of Play and families are encouraged to turn off the tv and get outside with their children . 

You can get involved by going to  ( taking the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside!   On their website you can search for outdoor activities and  read about how other families are getting out to play.

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