Friday, September 30, 2011

A Penny for Peanut's Thoughts

Yesterday, peanut made a stinky in his diaper. This is a pretty regular occurrence.  If you knew the number of cloth diapers in our stash, you'd be well assured that other than the fact that peanut is a super squirmy baby, there is normally nothing funny or otherwise noteworthy about his stinky diapers... That is until further inspection.
I don't make a habit of inspecting peanut's stinky diapers, but I couldn't help but notice... Sitting in a pile of mess was the shinny face of Abe Lincoln staring back at me.  When I told Rich about it, his first response was, "When did he eat that?  Baby, I swear I watch him while you're at work."
Rich proceeded to text the incident to his family, who texted back:
A)   That's not too impressive.  Text me when he's up to pooping out dollar bills.
B) You need to figure out what your feeding him  and feed him more.  We need $100 bills next time.
C) You cheap-skate!  Stop using your son as a piggy bank!

I know this could have been a serious issue so I shouldn't make so light of it.  I think it means peanut is quick and we need to keep even more of an eye on him.  I'm definately glad I didn't know he'd swallowed the penny though--I'd be so worried waiting for nature to take its course. StumbleUpon