Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tastes like Spring

Spring is officially here.  After a crazy weekend filled with out of town guests, finishing a major home renovation and steaming the carpet, we had a sweet moment to enjoy as a family on Sunday evening.  With a beautiful and sunny evening in store and far too much exhaustion to cook dinner, we splurged and went out.  No, not pizza, or burgers--something far more delightful and far less healthy.  We had ice cream for dinner.  Not just any ice cream--Mel-o-cream--the best soft serve ice cream in town.  We drove past three or five other ice cream stands to get there.  While waiting in line, I wavered on what I'd pick when I finally arrived at the window.  My dad waited with Peanut in the car.  By the time we returned with our delectable loot, Grandpa and peanut were had the trunk open and were "tailgateing."  I had a swirl cone in a cup, with Reese's. Peanut had a taste from just about everyone.  He's a big fan of ice cream and I'm sure if he or his grandmother has their way, Mel-O-Creme will soon be on our regular weekend schedule. StumbleUpon