Monday, October 24, 2011

House Party: Spin Master It's All Fun and Games #QuelfLogoParty

This past weekend we had a blast with two new board games.  We received the opportunity to host a Spin Master House Party featuring Quelf and The Logo Game

Before we played, I figured the Logo Game would be our  favorite.  Essentially, it’s a trivia game for those who have a good sense of common consumable products and their marketing strategies.  I like it because its trivia where everyone has a similar footing. Do you know were Sara Lee cheesecake originated?  No—that’s okay, I didn’t either. Both of our families are hugely in to trivia so we all had a blast.  I was particularly impressed with my husband’s keen ability to identify photos of name brand cereals.

I was very leery about playing Quelf with my family.  Although we are trivia people, rummy people, and even Parcheesi people—we are definitely not intentionally dramatic make a fool of yourself kind of people.  That’s why it’s important to have an oober competitive man like my husband in the crowd.  Quelf is a hilariously funny game that asks you to do dozens of crazy stunts.  Without the desire to compete and win, I could see my people taking a pass on some of the ridiculousness.  With the element of competition, we did  as the rules suggest and “obeyed the card.”  Let me give you a few examples of how crazy things got.  Rich shoved as many different objects as he could down his shirt in one minute.  He also had to pretend to ride an ostrich while encouraging a beached whale.  I had to snort any time I laughed—which was more often than I wanted to.  We all had to add izzle to the end of every sentence or suffer the consequences—which also lead to more of my laughing and snorting.  I really didn’t know how this game would go over with some of our guests, but we all had a laugh out loud blast.
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I received a house party kit from Spin Master Games/ House Party including these games and coupons for my guests in exchange for hosting a party featuring these games in my home.  I did not receive additional compensation.  The opinions are 100% my own.