Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

This wasn't Jack's first Halloween--but for all intents and purposes it might just as well have been.  Sure we dressed him up last year--but he didn't go trick-or-treating.  It was way too cold and he was way too little.

First off--let me explain that I made his costume.  He was a fleece and felt monster.  I used a simplicity pattern pack for toddlers.  It contained both a dinosaur and devil costume pattern.  I used the base of the dinosaur pattern  to get the spiked tail and big belly (I thought this was a hilarious touch).  I then used the devil costume for the hood to get the horns.  I added claw mittens and footies large enough to go over his shoes.  I improvised wings and three eyes from felt.  Since you never know what the weather will be, I made sure to make a warm costume for him.  I think he was the most adorable monster ever, but I'm partial.

This year he had a very busy day.  Trick-or-treating began at my school around 2:30.  He had lots of showing off to do.  I was concerned because he seemed a little overwhelmed by all of the kids.  He became very clingy, which isn't like him at all.  The students were most impressed that his bipper matched his ensemble--what can I say, we are great at accessorizing.

Next stop was trick-or-treating at Grandma's library.  He liked this much better as there were far fewer people.  By the end of the experience, he was getting the hang of it and knew to go up to people who would give him something.

Finally, neighborhood trick-or-treating began at six.  We only went up and down Grandma and Grandpa's block to the local neighbors. I think Peanut had more fun watching and trying to keep up with the other kids than the thought of gaining candy.  Peanut was a very slow mover--he walked a large part of the neighborhood.  He often created traffic jams. 

We really weren't out there for that--we thought it would be a great social experience for him.  By the time most kids were wrapping up trick-or-treating, we had one tired baby who had also eaten his dinner, had his bath, and was tucked in bed.