Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making A Small Difference

The holidays are about generosity and giving from the heart. It's about more than just presents, despite what society wants us to believe.  Witnessing the news reports of black friday shoppers gone wild, I was abhored by the behavior of my fellow holiday shoppers.  Seriously people? Seriously!  We can do better.

Here's a short list of ways I'm going to try to be better this holiday season.
1) I will park in the back row of the mall and walk rather than cursing when someone takes "my" parking spot.
2) I will give any change I have to the salvation army whenever I enter a store with a bell ringer.
3) I will say thank you to my cashier, even if I had to wait in a really long line. 
4) I will give thanks daily for my amazing family
5) I will try really hard not to stress myself or others if the holiday isn't "perfect."

Yes, I'm not going to change the world with this. But wouldn't the world be just a little bit nicer if we all made an effort to be just a little kinder, especially this month.

Looking for a super easy way to do something good for someone else this holiday season?  Even better-- it won't cost you a thing.

Primrose Schools is announcing the return of their 2nd annual Cans for Fans virtual food drive. Now through December 31, Primrose Schools will donate one can of food for every new "like" they receive on their Facebook page. Not only that, they will donate two cans of food every time a fan "shares" the Cans for Fans status post. I did my part and you can too!