Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homeward Bound

One week can turn everything you thought was going to happen on its head. When my parents came down for a visit about two weeks ago, I recieved a phone interview offer for a job in our hometown. Life was a bit frantic that week because if I got the job, I'd have a week to relocate and start ASAP. We placed tons of "what if's" in place on standby preperation, but really couldn't do much until we knew one way or another for sure.

The first interview was this Monday, which I knocked out of the park. As proof, they called back an hour later to offer a second interview via Skype for early the following morning. That one didn't feel like it went nearly as well. I forgot my headset, had wireless connection issues, lost video near the end, forgot to look into the camera instead of at the screen, talked too fast... I was pretty sure I'd botched it. Surprisingly, I was okay with this, since I approached this situation with an "if it's meant to be," attitude. If I landed the job, I'd be headed home. If not, there's nothing wrong with staying put; I'd already learned to accept that the baby would be born here.

Yesterday, my afternoon doctors appointment was switched to the morning because of the doctor's family emergency. While waiting, I got the offer. Today's my last day at work. We're moving home this weekend and I start my new job on Monday. We're so excited! It hadn't really sunk in last night, until about 3 am when I realized I was wide awake with my head spinning with all of the things I needed to get done.
So things happen the way they are meant to and when they are supposed to. I am very grateful and lucky and cant wait to be living back home again. I'm also really glad we'll have family around when Johnny arrives.

(In baby news, according to the ultrasound, Johnny is 5 lbs. 2 oz. He has the cutest looking cheeks as best as we could see. He's in the position he needs to be with head down--so all is well. I on the other hand need to work on my blood pressure, but hopefully that will straighten out once we're all settled in.) StumbleUpon