Monday, April 23, 2012

Get Earth Day Friendly with Roaring Spring Paper Products from #Shopletreviews

Although I could sing the praises of all of these items, I ‘ve been asked to limit my comments to my three favorites. 
I first tried the Wide Landscape format writing pad.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a landscape format notebook, let alone actually used one until now.  Yet, I managed to find a perfect use for it.  I am studying for a major test to become licensed as a school librarian.  This weekend, I took a few practice tests.  The landscape format was perfect for this task, as I could number columns 1-25, which really helped me pace my progress and not feel overwhelmed.    I liked that I had plenty of room to get all columns on a single page, without flipping.  For certain organizational tasks, like multiple lists and note taking efforts, I could definitely see how the landscape design would be useful. 
The paper is super smooth and in my experience, did not show bleed through, even with my preferred felt-tip pens.  The pages are perforated at the top, which is both incredibly durable, yet also allows for clean and easy paper removal.
Working in education, I’ve often got my eyes on “a better mousetrap.”  I really like the Roaring Spring Wirebound three subject notebook.  The  front cover is a sturdy colorful vinyl, while the back cardboard cover is extra heavy/thick and durable.  The inside paper comes from 30% post-consumer recycled paper.  Although sometimes I’m not crazy about recycled papers—the can look dingy, feel gritty, or tear easily when an eraser is applied, none of these objections are a fault I find with this paper.  I love the three bright cheerful colors of each section that help divide the notebook.  I remember from my teaching days that there are students who do better with colored paper than white. If you could find less-traditional thinking teachers, the color coding would be a great way to help keep notes from different classes separate.
For my final review, I really need to say something about the Elephant PooPoo Paper.  Yes, you read that right, its paper made from Elephant dung.  Changing multiple cloth diapers on a daily basis quickly makes one an expert in PooPoo, and believe me, I was convinced there was nothing likable or cute about PooPoo, no matter what kind of cute name you give it.  Or so I thought, until I met this notebook.  Seriously, this notebook is made from post-elephant consumption fibers. If you’ve ever been to a zoo, you have no doubt that elephants are sufficiently equipped to produce tons of fiber-rich waste, perfect for paper making.   Bragging that they” take the oo out of poo,”  I’m actually very impressed with how ingenious this little notebook is.
First, let me clear any misconceptions that no, the notebook doesn’t stink.  It doesn’t even have a mild fragrance.  I love the cute little size.  I love the blank pages inside which seem to invite me to write something heartfelt and creative.  I love the handmade feeling texture of the paper.  The notebook is just too cute.  The whimsical flying elephant on the cover makes me smile. The novelty of its creation only adds to its overall charm.
Thank you once again to Shoplet for providing another amazing collection of products for review. If you'd love to give any of the products a whirl, shop online notebooks here!  
All products were provided in exchange for my fair and honest reviews.  I received no additional compensation than the products listed above. All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MMM.... Butter

It's official. Peanut is his grandmother's grandson.  His Paternal grandmother is a certified butter addict.  At dinner, the woman can go through multiple packs of butter on a single dinner roll.  Butter on steak, extra butter on the mashed potatoes... you get the idea.  In all fairness, my own family members are strong proponents of the creamy light yellow pats of heavenly delight as well. 
Little Man recently found two ways to express his fondness for this cholesterol inducing miracle food. Last week Jack learned to move and climb chairs.  While I was out of the kitchen, he moved the chair, climbed to the table and acquired a spatula from the counter top.  He proceeded to turn and attack the butter dish left on the table, which here to fore, had been beyond his grasp.  Next thing I know, I return to the kitchen to find Jack licking butter by the spatula full.
Last night Jack and I visited my parents where we partook in some of the first sweet corn of the season, which was surprisingly delightful for being so early in the year.   Anyway, Peanut doesn't do hot foods--so Grandpa gave him a half eaten half cob, that had previously been buttered and salted, while I pulled a hot cob to begin cooling.  Little Man is absolutely mad about his corn--on the cob any way.  He smashes in to the corn.  I'm not sure exactly how much he actually gets in his mouth, but he has the best time using all of his amazing teeth.  Anyway, when the second unflavored cob was cool, I offered it to Jack.  After just a few bites, he handed it back to me--a very odd occurrence, given how much the kid loves his corn.  Apparently his love of corn, is now second only to his love of butter, which he instantly began pointing at.  Once I'd slathered a light coating over the cob, he ferociously attacked his cob with the zest of a true victor.
 Unfortunately, not even butter will make him love broccoli.