Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Day Care with Sticky Monkey Labels

Talk about perfect timing.  Before Christmas, the possibility of needing childcare was so far from my thoughts.  After Christmas, things moved pretty quickly and Rich landed an awesome sports writing job.  I'm still working, which means we've had to find child. So far we love where he's at.  It's on the same campus I work on, which makes me a little more comfortable knowing he's right there if he needs me. His teachers seem super nice, and he's adjusting to their schedule pretty well.

For a first time day care participant, the amount of extra effort to get your child ready can some times be a little daunting.  There was this huge packet of information we had to fill out, with tons of forms.  There was also a long list of items we needed to pack.  For example, several blankets, bippers, box of wipes, diapers (cloth in our case--which is super cool), wet bag, 2 shirts, pants, onsies, outdoor clothing (coats mittens....) you get the point.  Lots of stuff, and it all needed to be labelled.

I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to review Sticky Monkey's Personalized labels.  They really were a lifesaver as we were preparing peanut to leave our nest each day.  The labels come in a good variety of designs for boys and girls of all ages.  They'd be great for sending kids off to summer camp, or getting ready for school in the fall too.  They even offer allergy and medical alert labels, which I think is neat and probably super helpful.

We picked the Monster Design and have been super happy with the amazing bright colors.  The labels come in a great assortment of sizes.  There are some small enough to fit on his pacifier, while other large labels stand out on his wipes box.  The labels are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, so we've added a few to his sippy cups with no problem.  We've even tried  a few clothing labels on his blankets and stuffed puppy for day care, and they hold up great in the laundry.

I think the labels I like the most are his shoe labels.  You place the self-adhesive label on the inside of the shoe, then a clear coat label that is slightly larger over and around the edge of the personalized label.  They hold up great and have been amazingly helpful since little man is the sort who is constantly taking his shoes off!

In short, Sticky Monkey Labels are a great time-saver, they are amazingly cute and they alleviate some of the getting ready for daycare stress.  I'll be adding more to our collection as little man grows.
If you'd like to get your hands on a few Sticky Monkey Labels of your own you can shop their website: