Friday, December 2, 2011


I've been trying Endorse! for well over a month.  It sounds promising, and has potential, but I haven't seen it work well for me yet.

In case you don't know, Endorse is an application through Facebook that encourages you to shop at your normal stores and buy your favorite brands.  In theory, they will pay you for it --anywhere from 2-10% back.  If you share with your friends (the store or brand) and they follow along, you can earn even more. Once you reach $25 in your Endorse account, you’ll be mailed a check.
The way it works is you click the “endorse” button on your favorite things, buy them as you normally do in the real world, and then send in your receipts as your “proof of purchase.” (They provide a free return envelope!)  I returned an envelope a month ago--and still nothing.
You can also get your endorsed and purchased products for FREE by getting 5 others to do the same. After you endorse a store, you can then share it to your friends. When they click on the link, endorse, and buy, you get the “credit” for their purchases. If 5 do so, you will be reimbursed for your ENTIRE trip.  
However, when it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.  I mean, what's in it for them?  I sent in my receipts, but still no progress.  I'm starting to worry that this is just some sort of scam.  Maybe these stores feel that if they have our receipts, we won't be able to return holiday merchandise.  That might be worth 2% to a store, right? 

Has anyone actually tried this?  Does it really work?  I even thought maybe I should try endorsing other folks things, in hopes of building them up the magic five.  I hope this helps someone, because I'm not as wowed and amazed as I hoped to be when I first signed up.

If you are still among the Endorse faithful or are interested in giving Endorse a try, simply follow the links below and “Endorse” the stores you regularly shop at:

If you'd like me to endorse any of your items, I'd be glad to reciprocate the favor.