Friday, May 20, 2011

Friendly Friday

Kat from Kat's Adventures here. I'm so excited to be a featured blogger for the Friendly Friday Blog Hop! This blog began as a description of the crazy road trips all over Georgia I took with my husband, the award-winning sports reporter. Three years later and our adventures have turned more to those of stinky diapers on other parenting trials.

Things you should know about us:

I am the mother of one adorable son--a.k.a Peanut. Peanut is a cloth diapered baby who eats homemade baby foods--usually a good source for adventures as well as a few chuckles.

He also makes a great product tester.
I'm also I librarian and former history teacher, so things can get a little bookworm geeky around here.

When I find spare time, I like to sew, bake, read, cook, decorate and garden (vegetable and floral).

We also have a very furry monster-dog named Roslyn le Fe--a.k.a Roz.--a good source for not-so-funny adventures.

Last but not least, there is my wonderful husband Rich--who doesn't think I'm completely crazy for attempting to be a mommy blogger. He loves sports, especially hockey or anything Michigan, or Detroit--again, more adventures ensue.

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