Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On Becoming Those People

Let's just face it; we are not "those people." You know, those people.... those really great people out there.  I'm not a baby wearing mom because it hurts my back after awhile and I have trouble reaching around my bundle of joy.  I wish I was a breastfeeding mommy, but that didn't work out the way I planned either.  Truth be told, I'm not even a natural birth mommy, as peanut was delivered by emergency c-section. 
We're not green because it's trendy.  I freely admit we chose some green options because they are frugal.  Alright, I'll say it. We're cheep.  I don't make my own baby food because I want peanut to eat all organic, non-hydrogenated, preservative free healthiness.  I do it, because $.99/lb strawberries go a lot further than $0.50 /jar baby food does, especially when my little darling can eat three jars a meal, three meals a day when he's feeling ambitious.
We got into cloth diapering because of the cost analysis.  If I had had more time, I probably would have found a way to sew my own diapers, to save on that initial cost too.  Yet, I'm not the one home all day like my husband is.  Rightfully so, he was concerned about dealing with the stinkies while wrangling a busy body boy like ours.  When I returned to work, peanut became a nights and weekends cloth baby out of practicality.
But not anymore.  Peanut is now an almost full-time cloth baby (we still disposable at night--which is another topic of conversation).  We're becoming those people who can make cloth work. When Rich and I talked about the way I wanted the pregnancy and breastfeeding and all of that to go, diapering options were low on my priority list.  I knew I wanted to cloth, but I would have gladly compromised in order to do the others as I originally intended.  Life throws curve balls and we just get to roll with them.  I'm so indescribably excited that I can now count ourselves among "those cloth diapering people."  It helps reduce some of the mommy guilt.  I feel like I've at least gotten one thing to work out as planned.
  Rich has been fabulous through this process.  He's really the most amazing dad and husband any family could hope for. I know I couldn't do it with out him. I truly am so grateful. StumbleUpon