Thursday, May 26, 2011

We've been working in the Garden

We’ve been working in the garden
All the live long weekend
We’ve been working in the garden
Because it’s finally spring

Can’t you hear the Peanut callin’
Rise up so early in the morn’
Can’t you hear the weather callin’
It’s time to get the planting done.

While we were away in Savannah, the winter palace was under the stewardship of my father, who does not do “landscaping.” He mowed the lawn regularly and trimed the edges twice a year. Sometimes he even trimmed the bushes when they got really nasty. That is all.

Prior to my father’s groundskeeping work, my landscape architect was Roslyn the terrible (our dog), who dug large chunks out of the back lawn. After being forbidden to do much in the fall because of the pregnancy and a long winter, I’ve been so looking forward to getting out in the yard finally.

Rich has been amazing. He’s been looking for things to do and there is a never ending supply of manual labor needed around the yard.

When we bought the house, we inherited sunken railroad ties lining our flowerbeds. I’ve hated them ever since but lacked the physical strength to do anything about it… until now. In a single day Rich had them ripped from the earth. We still have to decide what to do about them, but they are gone from my flower beds. Twenty dollars in dirt and a some relocated edgers and I now have respectable flower beds.

We split up and transferred several of my more hardy perennials. Rich bought me a hydrangea which we planted in the far corner. We planted some good smelling herbs, a pair of tomato plants and a pack of strawberry plants. From my parents’ house I acquired a local cactus and some rhubarb. We found some scraggly looking raspberry and blueberry plants on clearance, so we’re giving them a try along the garage. At least we won’t have to try to mow the lawn through that strip. I’m thinking of doing cucumbers and squash behind the garage.

Oh and we’ve been working on “re soding” the Rozie patches. Rich has been transferring the sod he’d be turning over for the planting to cover areas previously terrorized by our not-always-so-beloved landscape architect. I can’t wait to spend our summer in the yard with Peanut. StumbleUpon