Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peanut at the Waterpark

Last weekend we went on an adventure to my brother-in-law’s graduation. The graduation party wasn’t particularly adventurous. We took rainbow jello and a double batch of cheesy potatoes. This is a very meat and potatoes type of family, and the potatoes were all gone by the time we left.

The more adventurous part of our weekend involved a stay in a nearby hotel, which just so happened to include a water park. We returned to the hotel after peanut’s typical bed time. I wasn’t initially crazy about taking him to the waterpark, but I am completely glad we did. The photos are proof enough of why we went.
Peanut loves water. He enjoys his baths even more now that he’s outgrown the baby bath and can make huge splashes, so he loved making splashes, crawling through the shallow end of the kiddie pool and having sprinklers get him too.

Peanut wasn’t big enough for the slide just yet, but my husband did convince our very cautious seven year old niece to give it a try.

But this was only the beginning of our adventurous hotel experience. When we returned to the room, I noticed peanut’s eyes were a little pink. I gave him a quick bath to help calm him back down and rinse of any chlorine. It was well past his bed time, so I expected he would fall asleep soon. I wrapped him up and placed him in his pack ’n’ play. A few minutes later, he was crawling around with tired cries. I scooped him up and we snuggled till he finally fell asleep—about a good half hour later.

I again set him in his pack and play. No sooner had I turned my back, then we were greeted with a long and very loud alarm. That’s right, the fire alarm went off. We went out into the hall way to see what was going on. When asked if we had to leave, the hotel employee didn’t seem to sure, though he said it was “probably all right.” Since our other family members were stepping out, we bundled up and left too. We used the nearest exit out of caution, which put us outside, quite a distance from the lobby.

Rich was going to leave peanut and I in the car, but when I saw some unsavory looking characters in a smoke-filled car parked near ours, I decided to walk with him. When we arrived at the lobby, we learned that a prom in one of the ballrooms used a fog machine which set of the alarm and the alarm would likely continue until they could clear that room. Lovely. Another 30 minute ordeal to get peanut back down. Sigh.

Another down side of staying at a hotel with a waterpark—noisy people in the hallway. Until at least two in the morning there were people running and yelling in the halls. Grrrr.

In short, Waterpark A, Hotel experience C-